Siri Fort New Delhi

Siri Fort is a world famous Historical Monument in Delhi located at Khel Gaon Marg to Aurobindo Marg in a City of Delhi under North East Delhi District, India, Lat Long of Siri Fort is 28.5524°N 77.2235°E and address of fort is Siri City, New Delhi, Delhi 110044, Siri Fort is only 14 km South East side from Indira Gandhi International Airport, and 16 KM from New Delhi railway station, it was made by Alauddin Khalji during his tenure.

Facts about Siri Fort

Name Siri Fort
City Delhi.
Address ‎Khel Gaon Road, ‎Siri Fort‎, New Delhi –
Country India
Continent Asia
Came in existence 1303 AD
Area covered in KM 8,312.44 m2 (89,474.4 sq ft)
Height 11 M
Time to visit 7:00 AM
Ticket time 7:00 PM
Coordinate 28.5524°N 77.2235°E
Per year visitors More than 1 Lakh
Near by Airport Indira Gandhi International Airport
Near by River Yamuna River
Built by Khalji Dynasty

Where is Siri Fort Located in Delhi, India

Location of Siri Fort Located in Delhi India on Google Map

History of Siri Fort in Hindi

सीरी का किला दिल्ली में अलउद्दीन खिलजी ने अपने कार्यकाल में बनवाया था ने १३०२ से १३०३ के बीच में बनवाया था, यह किला तत्कालीन दिल्ली के ७ जिलों में से एक जिले सीरी में है, इसको १५४० से १५४५ के बीच में कई युद्दों के कारण यह गिर गया था जिसे बाद के राजाओ ने फिर से निर्माण करवाया था

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