Sasu Vahu ni Vav in Gujarat

Sasu Vahu ni Vav is one of the famous Monument in Gujarat, is located in Lavana in Mahisagar District of Gujarat, There are two Vavs one is Sasu Vav means Mother in Law and another is vahu means daughter in law and both built due to demand of then king’s mother and wife, the duration is around 14th to 15th Century, as of now these vavs are taking care by Gujarat’s Kaleshwari Group of Monuments the coordinates of the Sasu Vahu ni Vav are 23°19′16″N 73°34′55″E and 23°19′18″N 73°34′55″E.

Facts of Sasu Vahu ni Vav

NameSasu Vahu ni Vav
latlong23°19′16″N 73°34′55″E and 23°19′18″N 73°34′55″E
care takerKaleshwari Group of Monuments
Came in Existance14th to 15th Century

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