Monuments in Himachal Pradesh

Even-though Himachal Pradesh is a hill station, but it also having various famous Monuments and historical places to visit with friends or family, as it was very favorite place of viceroy during the British era and also the capital of summer, so that made various places as per their requirement, and now they become the historical places for the tourist, the Himachal Pradesh also belongs to some royal dynasties and they made monuments as per their wish and now they become famous monuments for the tourists, you can see the name of places and monuments in the below tables.

Famous Monuments of Himachal Pradesh

SL. No. Description Location District
S-HP-1 Chamunda Temple Chamba Chamba district
S-HP-2 Docha Mocha Temple Kullu Kullu
S-HP-3 Mrikula Jain Temple Lahaul- Spiti Lahaul- Spiti
S-HP-4 Gauri Shankar Temple Mandi Mandi
S-HP-5 Surya Narayana Temple Shimla Shimla

List of Historical Places in Himachal Pradesh

SL. No. Description Location District
N-HP-1 Ganesh temple Bharmaur Chamba
N-HP-10 Rock sculptures depicting Sita Ram, Hanuman etc. Chamba Chamba
N-HP-11 Shri Sita Ram temple in Mohalla Bangota Chamba Chamba
N-HP-12 Shri Shakti Devi temple Chhatrari Chamba
N-HP-13 Champavati Temple, Himachal Pradesh Chamba Chamba
N-HP-14 Katoch Palace Tira Sujanpur Hamirpur
N-HP-15 Narbadeshwar temple including the paintings therein as well as subsidiary shrines within the compound wall Sujanpur Hamirpur
N-HP-16 Temple Ashapur Kangra
N-HP-17 Temple of Baijnath Baijnath Kangra
N-HP-18 Temple of Sidhnath Baijnath Kangra
N-HP-19 Buddhist stupa known as Bhim-ka-Tila Chaitru Kangra
N-HP-2 Laxmi (Lakhana) Devi temple Bharmaur Chamba
N-HP-20 Ruined fort Kangra Kangra
N-HP-21 Rock inscription Khanyara Kangra
N-HP-22 Arki Fort Arki Solan
N-HP-23 Rock cut temple with sculptures Masrur Kangra
N-HP-24 Ruined fort Nurpur Kangra
N-HP-25 Rock inscription Pathiar Kangra
N-HP-26 Lord Eligin’s tomb Dharamshala Kangra
N-HP-27 The Ruins of Raghupur Garh Jalori Pass Kullu
N-HP-28 Temple of Basheshar Mahadev at Hat Bajaura Kullu
N-HP-29 Temple of Gauri Shankar with sculptures Dasa Kullu
N-HP-3 Mani Mahesh temple Bharmaur Chamba
N-HP-30 A Miniature stone shiva temple Jagatsukh Kullu
N-HP-31 Temple of Gauri Shankar with sculptures Naggar Kullu
N-HP-32 Hidamba Devi temple Manali Kullu
N-HP-33 Buddhist Monastery Tabo Lahaul & Spiti
N-HP-34 Phoo Gumpha Tabo Lahaul & Spiti
N-HP-35 Mirkula Devi temple Udaipur (Lahaul) Lahaul & Spiti
N-HP-36 Barsela Monuments Mandi Mandi
N-HP-37 Panchvaktra Temple Mandi Mandi
N-HP-38 Trilokinath Temple Mandi Mandi
N-HP-39 Ardhnareshwar Templef Mandi Mandi
N-HP-4 Nar Singh temple Bharmaur Chamba
N-HP-40 Shiva temple Mangarh Sirmaur
N-HP-41 Vice Regal Lodge (Rashtrapati Niwas) Shimla Shimla
N-HP-42 Key Monastery Spiti Valley Lahaul and Spiti district
N-HP-43 Monolithic Rock Cut Temples Masroor Kangra
N-HP-5 Shri Bajreshwari temple, Badrinath Chamba Chamba
N-HP-6 Shri Bansi Gopal temple Chamba Chamba
N-HP-7 Shri Chamunda temple Chamunda Kangra
N-HP-8 Shri Hari Ram temple Chamba Chamba
N-HP-9 Shri Laxmi Narian group of temple in Mohalla Hathnala Chamba Chamba